So How Exactly Does This Work?

It's simple. However, here are the frequently most asked questions and answers.

What is the cost to use this site/service?

Answer: is free to use! The website is funded through various forms of advertisement and referral commissions from some of the larger websites.

Who, or What, is doing the shopping for me?

Answer: utilizes a staff of real human people! All shoppers are internet savvy, US-based real human beings. We'll fully read your requests, and research as best we can based on what you're looking for!

When will I hear back from you?

Answer: Since this is all done by actual people and not machines, it all depends on how busy we are. We take each request in queue and work on it as fast as we can. So it could be as fast as an hour, or could be as long as a handful. Overnight requests could take a little longer as shoppers will need to catch back up!

How can I contact the company for help?

Answer: If you have submitted a request, you can reply to that email, or fill out our page!

What if I don't like any of the products that Buzzrd picks for me?

Answer: Our goal is to save you time. We'll do what we can within an allotted amount of time to give you the best head start possible for choosing your products. If you do not think any of our results match what you are looking for, feel free to reply back to the request in your email with some clarification, and we'll see what we can do to lock down what you need even better! Regardless, Buzzrd is not handling the purchasing, and receiving our research puts you under no obligation to purchase what we show you.

Can Buzzrd find me the best deal on a specific brands or brands I like?

Answer: Of course! Just make your preferences clear when you make your request!



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