Shopping Has Never Been Easier

In this modern world, everyone shops online. Online shopping can make it much easier to order anything that you want, even if it is across the world. However, as easy as online shopping is, it can take hours to dozens of similar items on multiple websites to compare. This often means that an easy online shopping trip ends up taking a lot more time than expected. Luckily, we realized that this is a lot of work, and we decided to create Buzzrd to make online shopping easier for you!

At Buzzrd, we go through the initial lengthy process of sorting out the good items from the great ones.

Simply tell us what you need to buy and we will find some fantastic options that match your description. We will scour the web to find a handful of matching items and send them to you for your perusal. This can save you hours of time every time you would shop!

Buzzrd returns the most relevant results because it uses an entirely human staff.

Once your request comes in, a real live, US-based person will get to work on your request right away. Depending on how busy we are, your request will go through in anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours.

While you might expect a service like this to be a little pricey, it is actually the opposite. Buzzrd is free for all of its users! We generate our revenue to pay for the service through ads and referral commissions from large websites. This means that the service will remain free for anyone who uses it, making Buzzrd a great resource for anyone who shops online!

So head on over to Buzzrd and tell us what it is you were about to spend an hour shopping for. We'll handle that for you while you go read a book, or spend time with family, or do really anything else at all!

Using Buzzrd was way too easy. The communication was very clear after hitting submit and I received my shopping request in a very timely manner. Will definitely be using this service often. - Tim Morris



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